“View of the Portuguese and High German Synagogues” (Abraham Rademaker, 1772)

Why is The Starry Night so cherished by scientists?

Neil de-Grasse Tyson showing his Starry Night themed clothes on various occasions (left: The Story Telling Of Science event, right: The Joe Rogan Experience podcast)

…what is Chomsky’s objection to Foucault’s moral relativity.


Yarıda bırakılmış işler

Questa intervista originalmente appare sulla Gazzetta di Istanbul (bollettino mensile italiano in Turchia, pubblicato dal Circolo Roma) dell’ottobre 2018.

Pia Levante Butros a casa sua, Maçka, Istanbul (foto: Selin Toledo)

“If I die tomorrow or in a year, it is the same — it is the message you leave behind you that counts.” — Rita Levi-Montalcini

Primo Levi in The Tournette, France (from wsimag.com/it/arte)

Remembering the Istanbul Pogrom

Selin Toledo

Biologist — paleobotany | history-culture-language enthusiast | ISTANBUL-LONDON

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